2019 Medium Hair Cuts. 4 Glamorous Hairstyle For Spring-Summer!

To trend spring-summer for the 2019 medium hair cuts sees the return of clean lines and seemingly simple. Apart from a few exceptions for those who love the glam-rock style with a 70s flavour, the cuts are rather structured so that they can give body and volume to even the finest, thin and flat hair.…(Continue Reading)

Keep A Pixie Cut At Home. All The Advice And Inspiration From The Star!

With the arrival of summer, the temptation is very strong: short hair is practical, you can do the perfect paving with the compact hair dryer, so ssential and really chic! This hairstyle has never really gone out of style from Audrey Hepburn’s short hair to Nicole Kidman’s last “head shot”. Of course, finding the courage…(Continue Reading)

Long Hair Cuts 2019. The Most Feminine And Cool Hairstyle To Be Inspired By!

After having discovered the trendiest hairstyle for spring-summer regarding both short hair is the average hair, it’s finally time to dedicate also to haircuts long in 2019! Among the beauty trends for the summer, the long and very long hair is all the rage, loved not only by stars and celebrities but also by the…(Continue Reading)