Blow are the most important items used in manufacturing shampoo.

But before that, shampoo is a liquid soap,orange in colour, it is used to wash any type of woman hair.


Sulphonic acid:  click for more details

Sls                 :click for more details

Texaepon        :click for more details 

Phomaline        :click for more details

colourant          :click for more details

Soda ach           :click for more details

Park R               :click for more details

Perfumes            :click for more details

Water                 :click for more details

Note that this listed items can also be used to manufacture other things such as liquid soap for washing,etc but the different is colour.

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The colour to be used when manufacturing shmapoo is orange colour but that of liquid soap for washing is green.

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always remember to take this precautions for your safty, Good luck.


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