List of items

List of items use in manufacturing liquid soap for bathing



These are some of the items used in manufacturing liquid soap for bathing:

  1. Sulphonic acid
  2. Park R
  3. SLS
  4. Phomaline
  5. Texapon
  6. Caustic soda
  7. Natrosol
  8. Laurel Rice
  9. STTP(sodium tripolyphosphate)
  10. Glycerine
  11. Vitamins E
  12. Industrial salt.
  13. Colourant.
  14. Perfume and  Water.
cleaning agent

cleaning agent

Their works

  • Sulphonic acid: for weakness of stain
  • Park R: for thickness
  • SLS: A  forming agent.
  • Phomaline: for preservative
  • Texapon: A forming buster agent.
  • Caustic soda: A stain removing agent
  • Natrosol: it is a cleaning agent and it also serves as a thickener
  • Laurel Rice: is also cleaning agent
  • STTP: is also a cleaning agent
  • Glycerine: usually helps your skin to stay soft and supple, it also moisturizes the skin
  • Vitamin E: shields skin from damage through its protective properties and also it boosts the immune system
  • Industrial salt helps to reduce the strength of chemicals in the production.
  • Colourant: for color
  • Perfume
  • And water: for the mixture.
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Always remember there are some precautions Tobe taken when mixing it.

Good luck.

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